Realtax Team

It’s like adding thirteen more professionals to your team

Title Searchers
Our title searchers have more than 150 years of experience between them. They routinely handle the most complex of searches.

Tax Sale Consultants
Our tax sale consultants have successfully guided our clients through 3,000 tax sales. When conducting tax sales, extensive experience is a tremendous asset.

16 years with MPAC
One of our members spent 16 years doing mapping and title searching with MPAC. This is tremendously helpful for resolving issues with MPAC.

12 Years with Teranet
One of our members was Senior Technical Leader / Manager with Teranet for 12 years. Their knowledge of Teraview and land registration policies and procedures is a huge asset for our team.

Law Clerks
Four members of our team are former law clerks, legal assistants or legal secretaries. This is excellent background for the work that we do.

More than half the members of our team are graduates of the Municipal Tax Administration Program.

Educational Backgrounds
Members of our team also have educational backgrounds in:

  • Survey Technology
  • Assessment Practices


Have our team compliment your team