Tax Registrations

Tax registration is the one year-long set of procedures that must be conducted before a property can be advertised for tax sale.

The taxes were paid on more than 90% of the properties we’ve handled without conducting a tax sale.


Turnkey Service

Here’s an overview of what we do and what you will need to do:

Provide you with ongoing advice and assistance, every step of the way

  • Contact us whenever you have a question or concern
  • No charge for phone calls, emails, faxes

Obtain and analyze

  • Title searches
  • Execution searches
  • Corporate searches
  • Search updates
    • Upon registration of tax arrears certificates
    • Prior to preparation of final notices


  • Farm debt notices
  • Tax arrears certificates
  • First Notices
  • Treasurers’ Statutory Declaration
  • Final Notices
  • Cancellation certificates

Send by registered mail

  • Farm debt notices
  • First notices
  • Final notices

Register on title

  • Tax arrears certificates
  • Cancellation certificates

Track statutory deadlines

  • We’ll notify you well in advance of coming deadlines

Track all active files

  • We’ll send you an updated Summary of Active Files spreadsheet at regular intervals

Provide you with all original documentation, including

  • Registered mail receipts
  • Title searches
  • Execution searches
  • Corporate searches
  • Registered tax arrears certificates
  • Registered cancellation certificates

Ensure you know what our fees are at all times

  • When someone wants to pay their taxes, our fees will be shown in the customized file folder we sent you

Help resolve issues with third parties such as

  • MPAC
  • Land titles office
  • Crown bodies
  • Send Realtax the information needed to get started
  • Sign and return to us the documents we send you
  • Deal with inquiries from interested parties
  • Advise us of any pertinent changes to the assessment roll
  • Receive tax payments, notify Realtax