Payment Into / Out Of Court

We have obtained more than 3 million dollars in payments out of court.

If a property is sold at tax sale for substantially more than the cancellation price, the excess must be paid in to the Superior Court of Justice.  Interested parties then have one year to apply to the court for these funds.  If no one applies for the funds within one year, then the municipality can apply for them.

If no one applies for payment out of court, then these funds will likely remain in court forever.

What We Do

  • Contact you one year after payment into court was made
  • Find out how much money is held in court
  • Apply for payment out of court
  • Receive cheque from Superior Court of Justice and forward it to you


What You Do

  • Send us any documents we request
    (If Realtax did the tax registration and tax sale, then we probably already have all the documents we’ll need)

We can obtain payments out of court even if Realtax wasn’t involved in the tax sale.