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Outsourcing your tax registrations and tax sales can do much more than save you time. It can also provide you with unparalleled expertise and experience.

Realtax is the most highly qualified, highly experienced team of tax registration and tax sale professionals in Ontario. We have been in business since 1996.  We are presently serving more than 200 municipalities.  We have assisted them with:

  • 25,000 properties
  • 2,500 tax sales
  • $3 million in payments out of court

Members of the Realtax team have taught numerous seminars on tax sale-related issues for a wide variety of professional organizations throughout Ontario.  As well, members of our team have written articles on tax sale-related issues that were published in Municipal World and The Tax Collectors Journal.

When challenges arise on a tax sale, you'll be immensely pleased that our expertise and experience is available to you, instantly.

Once you've experienced our service, you'll understand why 200 municipalities have used Realtax.